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WB Design & Construction offer a wide range of weed control services, please see the various sections below for further details on the range of weed control services we offer .

Control of invasive weed species

Invasive weed species cost the UK economy millions of pounds to deal with each year, dealing with Japanese knotweed alone costs the UK economy in excess of £152 million per year.

Dealing with invasive species needs a systematic approach and a detailed plan to ensure that the infestation is effectively controlled and the costs are kept to a minimum. Treatment and monitoring needs to be continued for a number of years, dependent on the species to ensure total control.

We are able to prepare a plan, apply for any necessary licences and carry out the treatment and monitoring to ensure control of a infestation.

Invasive species we can control include:

– Japanese Knotweed
– Giant Hogweed
– Himalayan Balsam
– Rhododendron Ponticum
– New Zealand PigmyweedMauris

Dependant on the infestation, its location, situation, density and various other factors we have a range of options available including stem injection, floor application through both spraying and weed wiping and stump treatment. Different treatments may be used at different stages of the process to successfully combat the infestation.

Other treatments may include excavation, mechanical removal and installation of weed proof membranes.

Often invasive species are found in difficult to access areas including along water courses and on steep ground. We have both the skills, experience and equipment to deal with invasive species in both situation including along sections of white water with no access from the bank.

If you are interested in our invasive weed control services please get in touch via our contact page.

Control of injurious weed species

Like with invasive weed species a management plan should be down up prior to treating injurious weeds to help ensure efficient and cost effective control of the infestation.

Injurious weeds we can control include:

– Common Ragwort
– Spear Thistle
– Creeping or Field Thistle
– Broad-Leaved Dock

Controll solutions may include cutting, pulling spot spraying and selective herbicide treatment.

If you are interested in our injurious weed control services please get in touch via our contact page.

Control of weeds in ornamental grass

We are able to treat both small scale and large scale lawns for a wide range of weed species using selective herbicides to ensure effective and efficient control. We can also offer a range of other services to help make your lawn more resilient to weed infestation and to keep it looking green.

If you are interested in our lawn treatment services please get in touch via our contact page.

Spraying of weeds

As part of the weed control services we offer, we carry out both small scale and large scale spraying for both domestic and commercial basis. We cary out a range of spraying activities using a range of chemicals and can carry out residual, selective and total herbicidal treatments. All spraying work is carried out by qualified staff and records of all applications are kept.

We can also offer contract spraying services to businesses who require these services but do not want to invest in equipment, training and staff time to carry out the work.

If you are interested in our weed control services, please get in touch via our contact page.

Weed Control Services WB Design & Construction

Small Japanese Knotweed stand prior to treatments.

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